Iraqi PM Maliki Informs Hillary & Levin on Meaning of Democracy

It’s getting hot in Iraq…
Prime Minister Nouri Maliki blasted back at liberal democratic Senators Clinton and Levin for their inflammatory remarks on removing him from his democratically elected office.
The BBC reported:

Iraq’s prime minister has hit back at senior US politicians who have called for him to be removed from office. Nouri Maliki singled out senators Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin.

He said the Democratic senators were acting as if Iraq was “their property” and that they should “come to their senses” and “respect democracy”.

Analysts say Mr Maliki is fighting to hold his government together. His words come days before a report to Congress on the US Iraq “surge” strategy.

The BBC’s Mike Wooldridge, in Baghdad, says the already heated political situation inside and outside Iraq has now got even hotter.

Later today Iraqi leaders signed a unity accord.

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