Iraqi Hero Stops Suicide Attack- Saves 4 US Soldiers

The Khaleej Times and ROP reported on this Iraqi hero who saved the lives of 4 American soldiers and 8 Iraqis:

Baghdad : An Iraqi civilian has saved four US soldiers and eight Iraqis by getting in the way of a suicide attacker, the US military command reported Tuesday.

The man was killed in the blast when the attacker rushed on a meeting Saturday between the US soldiers and members of a form of civilian defence force in Arafiyah in south Baghdad, the statement said.

“If he hadn’t intercepted him, there is no telling how bad it could have been,” one of the soldiers saved by the man’s actions was quoted as saying.

The US military also killed five suspected insurgents on Saturday in the southeast of the city, the report said.

MNF-I has more on this Iraqi hero.

Iraqis are stepping up to assist their countrymen:

Members of the Concerned Citizens of al Arafia take a minute out of their 12- hour patrol shift to pose for a picture. (MNF-I)
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The New York Sun had more on the Iraqi locals turning on Al-Qaeda HERE.
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Jules Crittenden wonders why this story did not get more coverage from the MSM.

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