Iraqi-Americans Send Message Home- "Stop Killing Eachother!" (Video)

Iraqi-Americans want the killing to stop!

Last weekend Iraqi-Americans held a protest denouncing terrorism in Washington DC. Members of the “Iraqi-American Coalition for Peace” marched in Washington DC to the Saudi Arabian Embassy and to the White House to protest against the Kingdom to quit sabatoging Iraq and interfering with the political process:

Hundreds of angry protesters sat in, today Friday, in front of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embassy in the American capital Washington, D.C. for the condemnation of terror and the excommunicating fatwas that has been issued by the Wahhabi excommunication scholars in Saudi Arabia in which they permits in it the killing of humans, and the destruction of the sacred Islamic places, Christianity and other.

The protesters, who repeated anti-terrorism slogans condemning the excommunicating fatwas, have raised pictures that symbolize the equality of Saudi Arabia with the Al-Qaeda network and their equality with the Wahhabism as a totalitarian excommunicating and destructive hamlet; like Nazism.

The “Iraqi American Coalition for Peace” released a video this week called “Stop Killing Eachother – Stop Killing Iraq!”


The moving video is a slideshow of rarely seen photos of the violence in Iraq and is set to Iraqi music:

It is powerful!
It’s also nice to see that at this website they do not blame the Jews for the attacks on the Golden Mosque!

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