Iran Moves Forward With Plans to Take Over Persian Gulf

In July, Iran lashed out at Persian Gulf states Bahrain and the UAE. An Iranian cleric claimed in an editorial that Bahrain was still part of Iran and Iranian News claimed that disputed islands in the Gulf belonged to Iran and not the UAE.

Bahrainis protested at the Iranian Embassy on Friday July 14th in the capital of Manama in response to an Iranian newspaper editorial claiming that Bahrain was a province that should be returned to Iran. (Bahrain Tribune)

In late July Lt. Col. (res.) Jonathan Dahoah-Halevi released an extensive report at the JCPA on the Iranian plans to take over the Arab Gulf States.

Today… Iranian expert Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi sends a notice that this report by Jonathan Dahoah Halevi has been republished at Omedia. Here are a few paragraphs from that important report:


“The Persian Gulf States are afraid that Iran is casting its eye in their direct ion, and interested in using nuclear weapons to fulfill its dream of an Iranian Gulf.”

…Iran’s explanations have not stemmed the fears of the oil emirates, especially given the continued offensive against them and the allegations that they are illegitimate and collaborating with the United States’ wishes to attack Iran. Undeterred by the condemnation, in another article in Kayhan on July 15 2007 headed “What Is Wrong With You All?” Shariatmadari gave the Gulf States another tongue lashing pointedly avoiding reference to Bahrain as the State of Bahrain, calling it instead “the island of Bahrain”. In this article as well, Shariatmadari, states that several decades earlier Bahrain had been a province of Iran although it had split from Iran following an agreement between the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the American and British governments. He attacked the Gulf State rulers which deny “absolute Iranian sovereignty over parts of recognized Iranian lands”, accusing them of being the mouthpiece for the United States and its allies, which are hoping to open a new front against Iran in the definitive struggle between Teheran and Washington.

Ali Ahmadi, an Iranian member of parliament and member of the parliamentary national security and foreign policy committee, also attacked the Gulf States for backing the GCC’s claim of sovereignty over the three islands. “If these countries wish to raise these issues it will harm them the most”, said Ahmadi, noting that at various times periods, different Arab states, including Bahrain, had been part of Iran.

On this subject, the Reja News website identified with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wrote that the Shiites in Bahrain represent 70% of the original inhabitants and that many speak Farsi, watch news, films, and series on Iranian channels and support Iranian football. The website said that Iran’s leaders had warned the Gulf States that their continued support of the UAR’s claims of sovereignty over the three islands, would resurrect Iran’s claims of sovereignty over Bahrain despite the fact that the Shah had relinquished Bahrain in 1971.

In an interview with Asharq Al Awsat, a former senior Iranian official said that Shariatmadari’s article reflects the views of Ali Khamenei who favors an aggressive foreign policy, he expressed in a speech some days ago in which he criticized former presidents Rafsanjani and Khatami for their policies which were defensive, not offensive. He lambasted Shariatmadari whose articles he claimed had unnecessarily complicated Iran’s relations with the Gulf States.

There’s more on the growing threats by Iran at the JCPA.

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