Hezbollah Threatens Israel With "Surprise" That Will Change the Region

On the anniversary of the “Divine Victory” celebrations where Hezbollah neighborhoods were blown to bits in Beirut, radical leader Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel of larger surprises.

“If you, the Zionists, are considering attacking Lebanon, I am reserving a surprise for you that will change the fate of the war and the region,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech at a mass rally in his stronghold in the Beirut southern suburb of Sfeir.

“By saying this, I and the resistance realize the responsibility we are taking on,” he added during the hour-long address that capped celebrations by his militant group commemorating its “divine victory” over Israel.

Nasrallah said that renewed conflict would prove costly to Israel and thanked those that had stood by his group in its war against the Jewish state and the United States.


“God willing, in the same way we were victorious in August 2006, I warn them that here in Lebanon there is a resistance, an army and a people … that reject humiliation and fear only God,” he said to applause and cheers by the crowd estimated at more than 50,000, many of them women and children waving the yellow flags of the militant group.

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