Hamas Co-Founder Mahmoud Zahar Warns of World War IV

So… What ever happened to World War III?


Charles Levinson, blogger and journalist at Conflict Blotter, recently interviewed deposed Hamas foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar. The Hamas official says that Islamic rule will dominate the Arab World and warns about war with the West.
The interview is now posted at Conflict Blotter:

Zahar went on about the inevitability of Islamic rule in Gaza, the West Bank and across the Arab world.

“We believe that this is the era of change, that the coming decades will see Islamic rule in Arab countries,” he said. “I am not speaking about hopes here. I am just reading the reality. Today, even the thief, before he commits his crime, asks god to help him.”

“In a few years [Islam] can gather supreme power in the form of money, power, armies, human beings… from Morocco to Indonesia.”

“How are we going to manage the relationship between the West and Islam? If we are going to see each other as enemies we will see World War IV.”

…Zahar, an Ain Shams University trained surgeon, fell back on his medical background to explain the folly of Israel. He made a generous offer in the process: “all Jews everywhere” would be welcome in Hamas-ruled Palestine.

“Israel is a foreign body. The problem is not that they are Jews, or Christians, or secular. It’s because they are non-native. When we transplant a healthy kidney to an ill man, the body will reject it because it is non-self. We have to use anti-immunity suppressants to make the new body receive the transplanted kidney. Today, America and the West are the anti-immunity suppressants for Israel.”

“We are ready to open Palestine for all Jews everywhere. We are ready to accept them to live with us with full rights, but as citizens and not as an occupying power.”

Read the whole thing.

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