Former Amb. Dore Gold Shows Proof of Hamas-Al Qaeda Link (Video)

Last night Former Israeli ambassador to the UN and bestselling author Dore Gold met with our small delegation of US bloggers in Tel Aviv.

During the meeting Dore Gold held with our group of American bloggers traveling in Israel, the former ambassador showed proof that the Hamas Oraganization (currently in control of Gaza) is linked to Al Qaeda.
Here is former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dore Gold explaining the link between the two terror organizations:

The photos that Former Ambassador Gold was pointing at in the video are included in his bestseller- The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City

This morning in Israel YNET News reported a new threat in the region:
Al-Qaeda has penetrated Saudi military


An impending 20 billion dollar American arms deal with Saudi Arabia, in which the Saudis would receive state-of-the-art military equipment over the next decade, is fraught with potential dangers for Israel, former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dore Gold told Ynetnews on Tuesday.

Gold is President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), and is author of ‘Hatred’s Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia supports the New Global Terrorism.’

Speaking by phone from his home in Jerusalem, Gold said the new arms deal failed to take into consideration a number of problematic scenarios. “There are a broad set of very possible scenarios that Israel certainly has to take into consideration.

Several years ago, Israel received reports of the interrogation of al-Qaeda captives who admitted that their organization had penetrated the Saudi Arabian air force, and that it was planning to take control of several Saudi F-15s based at Tabuk in north Western Saudi Arabia, near Eilat, and fly the fighter planes into sky scrapers in Tel Aviv,” Gold said.

“From the pattern of past al-Qaeda attacks in Saudi Arabia, many western observers have concluded that elements of the Saudi national guard colluded with the attackers. Which only further substantiates Western concern that al-Qaeda has penetrated different branches of Saudi Armed forces.

Former Ambassador Dore Gold gave this interview to YNET News before arriving in Tel Aviv to meet with a small group of American bloggers traveling Israel.
By the way, Dore Gold arranged the meeting late in the evening so that he could discuss this breaking news with our group of bloggers traveling Israel.
Hat Tip American Freedom for the YNET article

UPDATE: Ambassador Dore Gold sends this analysis on the Al Qaeda presence in Gaza from JCPA.

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