Elie Wiesel Attacker Says He's Not an Anti-Semitic Stalker– But Look at His Crazed Web Posts!

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Holocaust denier Eric Hunt stalked author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel for days before attacking him in a San Francisco Hotel.

In court on Monday his lawyer denied that Hunt was an anti-Semitic stalker.

But… Eric Hunt’s web postings show he is a a deranged and dangerous Holocaust-denying stalker.

Holocaust denier Eric Hunt in custody after his arrest for attacking Elie Wiesel.

The New Jersey Jewish News reported on the attack back in February:

According to police, Hunt was a man on a mission: to confront Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel and force the Auschwitz survivor to admit the Nazi Holocaust never happened.

After tracking Wiesel in Florida, Hunt allegedly followed him to a peace forum at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco on Feb. 1 and approached the 77-year-old author in an elevator. Hunt allegedly pulled Wiesel out on the sixth floor.

“I had planned to bring Wiesel to my hotel room, where he would truthfully answer my questions regarding the fact that his nonfiction Holocaust memoir, Night, is almost entirely fictitious,” Hunt allegedly wrote five days after the attack in a widely reprinted blog dedicated to Holocaust denial.

…Although Marilyn Mayo, director of right-wing research at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism in New York, said her organization had not learned about Hunt until after the assault on Wiesel, she told NJ Jewish News that someone identified as the suspect had posted his account of the attack “on at least two anti-Semitic Web sites before the mainstream press learned about it.”

But on Monday, Eric Hunt and his lawyers claimed that the young college graduate from New Jersey was not an anti-Semitic stalker.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

A man charged with dragging Holocaust scholar Elie Wiesel from a hotel elevator apologized in court to the Nobel laureate over the alleged anti-Semitic attack…

Hunt raised a shaking hand and spoke up suddenly from his seat next to his lawyer just as Wiesel had finished describing his ordeal in Nazi death camps, where his parents and younger sister died.

“Mr. Wiesel, I’m sorry for scaring you and I’m sorry you experienced the Holocaust,” Hunt said. “My grandfather fought the Nazis and I’m sorry about what happened.”

Wiesel did not respond but went on to describe the Feb. 1 incident…

Hunt is not an anti-Semitic stalker, but a man suffering from mental illness who needs treatment rather than imprisonment, Runfola said. When he confronted Wiesel, Hunt was in the grip of a “manic episode” triggered by his grandfather’s death, his lawyer said.

Although those postings are not available today on Ziopedia-
Here is one of the graphic postings by Eric Hunt after the attack on Wiesel at the anti-Semitic Ziopedia (from a cached google page):

Here is what Eric Hunt wrote on February 7, 2007 on the internet after his attack on Elie Wiesel back on February 1:

On February 1st, at approximately 7:30 p.m., I attempted to get a confession out of the “Pope of the Holocaust religion,”Elie Wiesel. We were in an elevator in the Argent Hotel in San Francisco. He was on his way to the 36th floor Penthouse.I had planned to bring Wiesel to my hotel room where he would truthfully answer my questions regarding the fact that hisnon-fiction Holocaust memoir, Night, is almost entirely fictitious.

After ensuring no women would be traumatized by what I had to do (I had been trailing Wiesel for weeks), I stopped theelevator at the sixth floor. I pulled Wiesel out of the elevator. I said I wanted to interview him. He protested, grabbed at his chest as if he was having a heart attack. He then screamed HELP! HELP! at the top of his lungs. This is someone who in his public appearances, speaks so softly, that when he appeared on Oprah, they had to use subtitles throughout.

Wiesel had dropped this phony persona and assumed his actual personality, of an insane lunatic. I told him, “Why, you don’t want people to know the truth?” His expression changed, and he began screaming again. HELP! HELP! So, after pulling him about fifteen feet out of the elevator, alerting a few floors, I decided that it was time forme to go. He was no use to our worldwide struggle for freedom if he had a heart attack. I fled from the scene, confident that the police would arrive soon and search the city looking for the insane person who attempted to forcefully interrogate a poor old “Holocaust Survivor”, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and most recently, “knight of the British Empire.”

I had planned on either: getting Wiesel into my custody, with a cornered Wiesel finally forced to state the truth onvideotape, getting arrested, or fleeing, and either way, exposing the “Pope of the Holocaust religion” for being nothing buta genocidal liar. However, a funny thing happened, Wiesel apparently never called the police.

So I am reminded of the movie Smokin Aces, in which a Jewish gangster is hiding at the top floor Penthouse in LakeTahoe. Judaism is a crime family. It has been referred to as the “Kosher Nostra.” Like the criminal he is, Wiesel knew notto call the police. Because he should be in prison for the multiple counts of perjury he has committed under oath which has put innocent and honorable Germans through misery and death. What I am concerned about is that he will handlethis much like the mafia has been known to do. Calling the police would expose him and his tribe once and for all forcreating the myth of “The Holocaust” as the President of Iran has rightfully pointed out.

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The fact that this was posted 6 days after the attack make it unlikely that Eric Hunt was still is some kind of manic state.

In 1944 the Nazis deported the Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Elie’s mother and a sister were murdered there; he and his father were sent to the attached work camp Auschwitz III Monowitz. In January 1945, the two were marched to Buchenwald, where his father died.
Wiesel, pictured here in Buchenwald, is in second row, seventh from the left.

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