David Beckham & Justin Timberlake Targeted By Al Qaeda (Video Link)

UPDATE: Jawa Report posted the video!!

Criminal influences on young Muslims…

Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and Puff Daddy are targeted in a new video released this week by a radical Islamic website that promotes attacks on Westerners.

News of the World reported that soccer stars David Beckham and Wayne Rooney and music stars Justin Timberlake and P Daddy are the targets of a new Al Qaeda murder plot (via AKI):

A terrifying internet video call to action for supporters of Osama bin Laden also fingers ex-Arsenal striker Thierry Henry for assassination.

It was launched this week on a Glasgow-based website named after al-Qaeda that regularly supports attacks on Westerners.

It has also been uploaded to the massively popular YouTube video-share site, visited by millions of youngsters.

The sports stars are branded EVIL for being CRIMINAL influences on young Muslims.

The sick film shows a picture of Manchester United ace Rooney with the headline: “Why do u love the evildoers?”

Beckham, who is now at LA Galaxy, is shown under the caption: “What made u among the losers?” And the slogan across an image of Henry asks: “Why do u imitate the people of desires?”

Alarmingly the video then flicks to a series of graphics depicting graveyards and bodies. One shows the feet of a CORPSE on a mortuary slab with a toe tag marked “Death”.

A caption across the screen threatens: “Every soul shall taste death.” Much of the soundtrack is a sermon given in London recently by a young militant cleric linked to radical Omar Bakri Mohammed, barred from Britain after praising the 7/7 bombings.

His rant declares that Muslims who are passionate about sport or music are hellbound like the “disbelievers” they admire. Other celebrities rubbished on the video include P Diddy and Justin Timberlake. It ends with the rousing message: “Rise up, oh youth!”

Becks and Posh now join Bradjolina as potential terror targets.

Update: Hollywood is taking notice of the threats.

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