Brave Antiwar Lib Makes 1 Day Trip to Iraq to Come Home Loser

How brave!
What a courageous woman.
Surely she’s an expert now.
She did spend one day in Iraq, you know.

Brave antiwar liberal Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) makes a one day trip to Iraq to come home an expert on defeat. And, the Washington Post treats her like a rock star in their glowing report on her bravery. After all, she was able to put a sock in it the whole time Gen. David H. Petraeus was speaking to her group of US Representatives without screaming at him like a Code Pink activist.

The Washington Post glamorizes the Power Point packed trip to Baghdad by the co-founder of the House Out of Iraq Caucus. She is one of 50 democratic surrender monkeys who started this antiwar group to fight for defeat in Iraq- regardless of the cost to America or the world- despite the likelihood of genocide after the US pulls out.


Instead of glorifying this antiwar nutcase, the WaPo should be lambasting Schakowsky for her dishonorable efforts against our nation and troops. How sick that the media praises her courage in facing the Iraqi heat that “feels like a hair dryer on the back of your neck”. Talk about a waste of federal money and a waste of the general’s precious time! The government could have kept this lib at home and emailed the Power Point presentations from Baghdad.

Right Wing Nuthouse has her brave letter to constituents.

Jeff Emanuel has another report from Iraq – “Southeast of Baghdad, the Surge is Working”

He’s been there for more than a few hours.

More… Non-Party Politics takes a look at what will happen to Iraq if America leaves.

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