Antiwar Liberal Mouthpiece Jon Soltz Gets Deserved Smackdown

It’s hard to take an antiwar activist seriously who still believes that Al-Qaeda is not operating in Iraq.

Are they not paying any attention to any of the Al-Qaeda videos?…
Seriously, who’s feeding them this junk?

Tonight, one of these antiwar liberal activists was put in his place…
Antiwar lib Jon Soltz from the Leftist group and Yearly Kos fame got lambasted on Hardball. His ignorance on the situation in Iraq is shocking considering he was actually deployed there… But, then again, his new gig working with democrats and and against the troops serving in Iraq demands that he repeat such nonsence.


On Wednesday’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Move America Forward Vice Chairman, Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.), took anti-war activist Jon Soltz to task. Soltz was in the news recently when at the the antiwar, anti-military “Yearly Kos” convention he silenced a U.S. Army soldier who supports the missions of our troops.

Soltz has repeatedly worked to undermine the missions of U.S. Troops serving in Iraq, and is active in the affiliated group, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

News Busters has the transcript.

It’s interesting that even the fickle Hillary Clinton with her many flips and flops on the War in Iraq and who Soltz wants as his Commander in Chief, knows Al Qaeda is in Iraq and said so yesterday.
Soltz’s liberal handlers clearly have some work ahead of them.
It was nice to see he couldn’t bully Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson.

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