All Charges Against Haditha Marine Justin Sharratt Dropped!!


Charges against Lance Cpl Justin Sharratt and Captain Randy W Stone were dropped today.
Defend Our Marines has the latest developments in the case.

Murder charges were dropped against Lance Cpl Justin Sharratt today.
The BBC:

Murder charges against a US marine accused of killing three people in the Iraqi city of Haditha have been dropped, the US military has said.

Officers ruled there was insufficient evidence to take the case to trial.

Two more marines still face murder charges. Three others have been charged with failing to probe the deaths.

A fourth, Captain Randy W Stone, had his charges of failing to investigate the killings adequately dropped on Thursday.

Charges against another murder suspect, Sgt Sanick Dela Cruz, were dropped in April in exchange for his testimony.

Lance Cpl Sharratt did not deny killing the three men, but says they were insurgents and at least one was holding a rifle.

Antiwar Rep. Jack Murtha owes these men a huge apology!
Here’s a satirical response from Murtha… but barely.


Pundit Review has more.

** Let Freedom Ring has the reaction from Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt’s father Darryl.

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