After Last Dr. Was Blown Up… Latest Pakistani Polio Team Kidnapped & Beaten For Hours

A group of polio health workers administering vaccinations were kidnapped and beaten in Pakistan this week.

But, that’s better than the last polio doctor who was blown up by tribesmen.

Pakistani girls hold placards during a rally to raise awareness of polio in Islamabad, in August 2005. Pakistan, one of only four countries where polio is still endemic, will launch a nationwide vaccination drive Tuesday aiming to inoculate 32 million children against the disease.(AFP/File/Farooq Naeem)

11 health workers were kidnapped and beaten in the Pakistani tribal area for administering polio vaccinations.
AFP reported:


Tribesmen in Bajaur tribal district bordering Afghanistan refused to allow the vaccinations to take place after hearing rumours that the drive was a “US plot” to sterilise Muslim children, residents said.

“We have suspended the vaccination drive in Charming area after our vaccination team was kidnapped and beaten up by armed men there,” local health director Chiragh Hussain Shah told AFP.

The health workers were held for four hours as their captors smashed vaccination kits, Shah said.

A Pakistani health official in charge of a polio inoculation campaign was killed in Bajaur in a bomb blast in February.

In February, The government said the parents of some 24,000 children had refused to give them the polio vaccine because of a campaign by radical Muslim clergy.

Polio Vaccine Doctor Blown Up For Spreading Vulgarity!

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