80% of Filipino Muslims Support Abu Sayyaf Terrorists

Filipino Congressman Wahab Akbar from the war-torn Mindanao region of the Philippines claims that 80% of Muslims support the Al-Qaeda linked terror group Abu Sayyaf.

It is now known that Saddam’s Iraq financially supported the al-Qaeda-linked Philippine terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. (AIJAC)

Wahab Akbar also claims that he is a popular politician because the rebels scream his name “Akbar” when they clash with government troops.
ABS-CBN and ROP reported:

The lone congressman of war-torn Basilan has revealed 80 percent of Muslims in Mindanao are “sympathetic” to the bandit group Abu Sayyaf, which gained international notoriety for kidnapping foreigners and beheading its captives.

Basilan Rep. Wahab Akbar made the claim in a privilege speech as he insisted that some armed groups are riding on the notoriety of the Abu Sayyaf and adopted its brutal methods…

The problem with his name, Akbar pointed out, is “whenever there is an encounter between the armed groups and the military, the armed groups always shout Allahu Akbar (God is great) which is sometimes construed as my presence during the battle.”

According to Akbar, he became more popular because his name is often called out in clashes with government troops.

“Like for example the case of the previous Albarka incident. That’s how popular my name is and even in the battlefield the rebels are campaigning for me but it’s in a wrong time and place because the election is already over,” he said.

Akbar, like other Muslim lawmakers, is opposing the government’s planned “punitive action” against Moro rebels in Basilan.

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