3 Music Shops Blown Up in Pakistan

Three more music shops were blown up in Pakistan on Saturday night.
Dawn adn ADNK reported:

Three music shops selling CDs and casettes were blown up in Swari bazaar in the district of Buner in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province (NWFP).

The improvised explosive devices exploded at intervals between 10.30 pm and 11.00 pm local time on Saturday which created panic in the area.

The targeted centres included Mian Yousaf Music Centre, Malik Cassette House and Ismail Music Centre. The blasts partially damaged dozens of nearby shops.

A heavy contingent of police and a bomb disposal squad rushed to the place and collected evidence from the site.

A police official said that all the bombs were locally made and possibly carried timers.

A few months ago, a video and photography shop in Daggar as well as video and CD shops in Swari and Cheena were set ablaze at midnight.

A shopping centre in Pacha Kalay Pir Baba was attacked and warnings were given to the owners to wind up their businesses which, according to the attackers, were spreading vulgarity and obscenity among locals.

Shopping centres were also warned against entertaining female customers.

My bad…

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