Yesterday's House Vote Was Another Pelosi Loss

The word on the street is that Republican presidential candidates are lagging behind their socialist counterparts in fundraising.
This is most likely due to the amnesty hangover that still pounds in the brains of the base.

Hopefully… Conservatives will look past this when they consider donating to the US Republican members of the House of Representatives who voted almost unanimously to continue the fight against Islamic terrorists who want us dead.

This didn’t make any headlines but…
Yesterday’s vote was another huge loss for Nancy Pelosi and the retreat and defeat party.

Back in March when the House dems first voted to surrender the roll call was:


Democratic 216 for surrender 14 against
Republican 2 for surrender 198 against
TOTALS 218 for surrender to 212 against

Yesterday the vote for surrender was:

Democratic 219 to 10 for Surrender
Republican 191 to 4 Against Surrender
Totals 223 to 201.

After the constant hammering by the liberal media against the Iraq War since the first surrender vote and Pelosi could only pick up “3” democrats and “2” more Republicans!
That is pathetic!

Good for the united House Republicans for putting this nation’s security above politics!
Thank you!

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