Taliban Kills South Korean Hostage- Dumps Body on Highway

The Taliban went ahead and killed one of the male Evangelical Christian hostages from Korea.

His body was dumped next to the main Kabul-Kandahar highway.

A man holds a South Korean newspaper with a front page showing an image of a group of South Korean Christians posing for a commemorative photograph, taken 13 July, 2007, before leaving for Afghanistan. (AFP)

Aljazeera reported:

The Taliban has killed one of 23 Korean hostages after negotiations for their release broke down, according to a Taliban spokesman.

James Bays, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Afghanistan, said that he was told by a spokesman that “a male hostage had been killed and his body was left next to the main Kabul-Kandahar highway.”

Al Jazeera could not independently verify the spokesman’s information.

Melissa Chan, reporting for Al Jazeera from South Korea on Tuesday, said that the media in South Korea was reporting that eight hostages had been moved to safety when it was announced that the hostage had been killed.

The Taliban had threatened to kill the hostages unless Afghan authorities agreed to demands to release prisoners in exchange.

The Daily Mail has more on the execution announcement:

Afghanistan’s Taliban killed one of the 23 Korean hostages on Wednesday after Kabul failed to free Taliban prisoners, a spokesman for the group said, adding insurgents would kill more if their demands were not met.

“Since Kabul’s administration did not listen to our demand and did not free our prisoners, the Taliban shot dead a male Korean hostage,” Qari Mohammad Yousuf told Reuters by phone from an unknown location.

Eight other hostages were reportedly freed today and taken to a U.S. base in Ghazni.

In August 2006… 1,500 Korean Christians who had come to Afghanistan for a “Peace Festival” were forced to leave the country after threats from local Islamists.

UPDATE: They found the body– The pastor was shot 10 times in the head and chest.

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