Taliban Bombs Iranian Consulate in Kandahar

Iran says the attack on their consulate proves that they are not arming the Taliban.

Taliban guerrilla fighters holding their weapons at a secret base in eastern Afghanistan February 3, 2007. Iran on Thursday rejected U.S. accusations it is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan, saying an attack on its consulate there showed the hostility of the Sunni militant group towards Shi’ite Iran. (Saeed Ali Achakzai/Reuters)

The Iranian consulate in Kandahar, Afghanistan was bombed by the Taliban earlier this month. There was no word on casualties.
Fars News reported:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The bomb thrown into the Iranian consulate general in Kandahar, Afghanistan was a terrorist operation staged by the Taliban, an informed source from the Iranian Foreign Ministry said here on Sunday.

The source told FNA that the threads and clues found so far reveal that the bomb has been thrown into the consulate building by the Taliban terrorist group, reminding that the incident was the second terrorist operation by the Taliban against Iran’s consulate centers in Afghanistan.

The first case of such operations took place when the Taliban agents blew up one of the cars of an Iranian consulate general in Afghanistan, he added.

There are no reports or photos of the damage to the consulate.

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