** SOLVED **
Osama makes an appearance- But the film clip looks like vintage OBL!

Osama Bin Laden appears in a new Al Qaeda video clip (on left Mansfield) and from a release in May 2002 (filmed in 2001) scratching his noggin (La Republicca).

NOTICE– The background- The patch over his left shoulder and the mountain in the background. Today’s clip was definitely from that filming.

Laura Mansfield has the video clip posted and translated:

In the clip, 50 seconds long, Bin Laden says:

The seal of the prophets and all messengers (reference to Prophet Mohammed), prayers and peace be upon him, wished this status.

So be alert, be wise and think.

What is this status that the best of mankind wished for himself?

He wished to be a martyr.

He himself said ‘By Him in Whose Hands my life is! I would love to attack and be martyred, then attack again and be martyred, then attack again and be martyred.’

So this whole broad life is summarized by he who was inspired by God, the lord of the heavens and earth, praised and exalted is He.

This glorious prophet who was inspired by God summarized this entire life by these words. He wished upon himself this status. Happy is the one who was chosen by god as a martyr.

HotAir has running updates.

Here is an earlier photo of OBL in similar dress:

The article is not in English so I am not sure when this photo was taken.
Here is the date mark from the article: 19.05.02 13:28

Looking through photos of OBL, he chooses to wear the white turban most of the time.
I don’t know if this means anything, but from a quick search on OBL it is uncommon for him to wear the dark headwear (Pakol) like he is wearing in today’s video.

** Cao’s Blog says it looks like the pakol worn by Ahmad Shah Massoud who was murdered by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan on 9-9, two days before 9-11.

Here is another photo from that earlier talk:

This article is from La Repubblica.
The caption on the photo reads: ” Concerning the situation that we are in, we must praise Allah (xwt) that he has allowed us to follow the path of (men who are amongst) the best of creation.”

(La Repubblica)

THIS EARLIER VIDEO with the same clothes and background as the tape from today was released in May 2002- The Scotsman has an article on this earlier OBL tape. Ansaar said Pakistani intelligence officers who supplied the video said it was shot in March, 2002.
Other reports suggest the video that was released in May 2002 was filmed back in October 2001.
Aljazeera said in May 2002 that this video was filmed in October 2001- CBS.

AllahPundit links to the video from 2002 agreeing it was filmed in late 2001.

UPDATE: Tomorrow is the anniversary date of when the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099. Coincidence?

UPDATE 2: Remember, this threat from al-Zawahiri (video) this week:

“Have I not conveyed? Oh God be my witness.
Have I not conveyed? Oh God be my witness.
Have I not conveyed? Oh God be my witness.”

The warning is repeated 3 times. Under Islamic Law you are obliged to warn your enemies three times before you carry out an attack on them.
Notice that Osama repeats his martyr line 3 times in the video released today as well.

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