Red Mosque Madrassa Student Yearns For Martyrdom

A surviving female student from the Red Mosque is wanting to open jihad schools throughout Pakistan.

The “Chicks with Sticks” eventually gave up to authorities during clashes in Islamabad.

Veiled female students of an Islamic seminary Jamia Hafsa hold bamboo battons as they chant slogans during a protest demanding the release of their teachers from police custody, Wednesday, March 28, 2007, in Islamabad, Pakistan. The teachers were detained after female Islamic students on an anti-vice drive abducted an alleged brothel owner and locked her up at their fundamentalist seminary, as the woman ignored their warnings to close her business. (AP Photo)

A young female student who survived the siege on Islamabad’s Red Mosque spoke out today on her plans to work for jihad. She also said that the students were told that the Prime Minister told their imam to come out in a burka.
The BBC reported:


We wanted to carry out suicide attacks. We didn’t have enough ammunition to fight face to face. We had a small number of arms with which our mujahideen brothers were fighting.

We asked the teacher to provide us with arms necessary for suicide attacks. She said that we didn’t have sufficient explosives. Yes, we had a passion and we were willing to go to all lengths…

After the evening prayer we found out that Maulana Aziz – the chief cleric – had been arrested while he was trying to flee wearing a burka. We were told that he’d been called to speak to the prime minister.

When we asked our teacher why Maulana Aziz had left in a burka she said that the prime minister advised him to do so. She said that he had been told to come out in disguise so that he wouldn’t be killed…

They took us to another room and gave us food. We were crying a lot because Korans were burning inside the Red Mosque which was on fire.

Pakistani Burqa-clad female students gather on the roof of Jamia Hafsa school during a protest by religious students of the Red Mosque. (AFP)

We pleaded with them to let us take the Koran. We were very sad to see them being burnt in front of our own eyes. At sunset we were told that we were going to be sent home, and at night, we left the area…

After meeting my father, I was overcome by grief as I had hoped to be a martyr and come back alive.

Now they’ve attacked the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa [the seminary attached to it], I hope the whole country will have Red Mosques. I will work for jihad, and open a madrassa and train people for jihad.

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