Open Border Kayak Protesters Say Fence Would Disturb Bird Watching

Moonbats held an open border protest in Roma, Texas on Saturday claiming a border fence would disturb bird watching!

Paddlers take part in a protest on the Rio Grande river against the proposed border security wall along the U.S./Mexican frontier in Roma, Texas, July 14, 2007. About 40 canoes and kayaks were involved in the protest by nature enthusiasts and nearby residents from both sides of the border worried about the wall’s impact on the local economy and environment. (REUTERS/Christina Cameron)

The open border kayak protesters also say that a border fence will endanger the wildcats in the area(?)
The AP sympathized:

ROMA, Texas (AP) — Dozens of people paddled down the Rio Grande in kayaks and canoes Saturday to protest a border fence they say will do little to stop illegal immigration but will destroy the impoverished region’s burgeoning bird-watching industry.

After their trip down the river, about 60 paddlers gathered with about 15 other people in an amphitheater, then held hands across the middle of the bridge to Miguel Aleman, Mexico. The protesters were mostly American but included the mayor of Miguel Aleman.

Protesters claimed the fence will harm endangered wildcats, cut farmers off from water and hurt cross-border commerce.

After paddling down the river they hald hands in protest an the bridge to Mexico.

Protestors hold hands across a bridge between the Texas town of Roma and the Mexican town of Miguel Aleman to show their opposition to a planned border security wall along the U.S./Mexico border, July 14, 2007. (Reuters)

Michelle Malkin has more on the progress of that border fence.

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