MUST SEE… Al Qaeda Maps Its Progress In Iraq

** As democrats vote to surrender Iraq, Al Qaeda maps its progress. **

Here are two maps of Iraq-
A map by the Multi-National Forces and one by Al Qaeda in Iraq.

The first map is from the Department of Defense, showing the areas under the control of the Iraqis as of June, 2007, when the three most recent provinces were handed over to the Iraqis. For more details, see HERE.

7 of 18 Provinces have been turned over to the Iraqis.


Now… Here is the Al Qaeda map of Iraq:

This map shows Al Qaeda progress in Iraq. The red shaded areas show regions controlled by Al Qaeda.

The second map captured from Al Qaeda in Iraq, was used in a Multi-National Force Iraq press briefing on July 11, 2007. See HERE. (pdf)

This was captured from an al Qaeda media center near Samarra. In the words of the military spokesman:

The media center “produced CDs, DVDs, posters, pamphlets, and web-related propaganda products and contained documents clearly identifying al Qaeda in Iraq’s intent to use media as a weapon…[Here] is one of the graphics we found on a hard drive. It represents AQI’s view of the areas it claimed to control in Iraq in early March. It also asserts AQI dominated much of Anbar and northern Iraq, which by any measure was clearly not the truth.”

There is an important point to note about the Al Qaeda map—

** Al Qaeda in Iraq itself considers the areas handed over to Iraqi control as areas NOT under their control. They admit this IN THEIR OWN PROPAGANDA.

Someone needs to show this to Harry Reid and the democrats!

What was that Harry Reid was saying today about abandoning Iraq and “dedicating our resources and attention to al Qaeda and the real threat it poses?”

Is there really any doubt that the War against Al Qaeda begins in Iraq?
Hat Tip Jon H.

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