MNF-Iraq Responds to The New Republic's "Scott Thomas" Tales

** Updated Below **
The Weekly Standard Blog has been leading the charge to find the truth behind the disgusting anti-military hit pieces at The New Republic.

Today, Multi-National Force Iraq responded to the horrific allegations of war crimes at the liberal magazine. It is more evidence that the writer who goes by the name “Scott Thomas” at The New Republic is slandering the troops in Iraq:


Our Soldiers our held to the highest standards in all regards to include Standards of Conduct and Rules of War. There has been no operational reporting of the misconduct of Soldiers as reported in the article. We also cannot disclose the names and units of Soldiers that are serving in Iraq.

In addition, any misconduct by Soldiers is addressed by the unit commander through the uniform code of military justice. All violations of the law are investigated.

Very Respectfully
MAJ Alston

MNF-I Press Desk Operations Officer
[email protected]

So, does this statement by MNF-I confirm that the stories are BS?
No, but this statement along with the other statements and mounds of evidence brought up this past weekend, here:


Michelle Malkin
More from Hot Air
Little Green Footballs, which did so much to debunk the “Fake but Accurate” 60 Minutes story.
Confederate Yankee
The Bullwinkle Blog
The Tank, which smelled something fishy with this even before the WWS.
The Jawa Report
Villainous Company
The Corner
Mudville Gazette
Michael Yon chimed in
Ace of Spades
Dean Barnett

Q and O
Haft of the Spear

Matt Sanchez
Dan Riehl
Outside the Wire

…Make it nearly certain that the articles in question at The New Republic are not accurate.

Busted!… New Republic’s “Shock Troops” Shocker Is BOGUS!

Related… Michelle Malkin has more on the military-hating Left in this country.
Charles Johnson has more on the Left’s “Killitary.”
William Kristol wrote more on the liberal’s soldier hatred this past weekend.

UPDATE: The Weekly Standard Blog has more from Major Ludeke at FOB Falcon where supposedly “Scott Thomas” claims a mass grave was discovered:

I can tell you unequivocally: there was NO mass grave discovered in this area of operations in conjunction with the building of a coalition outpost anytime in the past 12 months. None. Zero. Zip.

If the story *is* true, then “Scott” and whomever else is purporting to back up his assertions should come forward, identify themselves and submit their report through official channels. We are not in the business of suppressing his right to free speech…on the contrary- he’s free to submit whatever he wants, so long as it doesn’t put others at risk for operational security (OPSEC). Of course- by putting his name on such outlandish claims, he then has to account for what is clearly a series of false statements.

That about says it right there.
The New Republic needs to come clean!

UPDATE 2: Atlas has more on Busting the 5th Column

UPDATE 3: A Jacksonian points out again that JD Johannes has narrowed it down to 100 soldiers who “may” have written these atrocious articles.
(Personally, I doubt that “Scott Thomas” is anywhere near there.)

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