Miss Utah- Sgt. Jill Stevens- Talks About Her Deployment to Afghanistan (Video)

“Obviously she is bright and attractive, but most important, she’s a terrific soldier.”

Maj. Gen. Brian Tarbet
Adjutant General of the Utah National Guard
On the Crowning of Jill Stevens as Miss Utah
July 2, 2007

Sgt. Jill Stevens talks about her work in Afghanistan as a medic for the 1st Battalion, 211th Aviation, in the National Guard.

Sgt. Stevens who served in Afganistan in 2004-2005 will represent Utah in the upcoming Miss America Pageant:

Sgt. Stevens says we’ve made a huge difference. We’re giving these children a future. She wished that the media would convey more of the good news from the War on Terror.


Jill’s mother is a member of the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Her plan now is to use the Miss Utah title to spread the word about emergency preparedness, which was her platform for the competition. She’ll be visiting high schools throughout Utah to make sure they know how to respond during a disaster. Sgt. Stevens says the swimsuit competition reminded her how she’s more muscular than skinny as a result of lugging around rucksacks that weigh as much as 70 pounds while training with the Guard- Deseret News.

Here is a picture of Sgt. Stevens, a combat medic, out of camouflage:

Jill Stevens is crowned Miss Utah by last year’s winner, Katie Millar, at the Capitol Theatre last week. (Deseret News)

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