Media Bias?… What Stinkin' Media Bias?

What a waste of good fish-wrap!
After the stock market set another record yesterday, what is the logical front page headline for the story…

That’s right!… Things could be worse!

The St. Louis Post Dispatch front page decided this was the best way to report the record economic numbers. Is it any wonder that people are confused, angry, mixed up, not trusting of the mainstream media or Congress?
Here is how the record stock numbers were reported in the STLPD:

The stock market is reacting a little like someone who goes to the dentist thinking he’s going to have a root canal but actually gets a small filling.

He leaves in a good mood, even if the experience wasn’t pleasant.

Thus better-than-expected inflation and profit reports Tuesday propelled the Dow Jones Industrial Average above 14,000 for the first time, though it settled back to close at 13,971.5, a gain of 20.6 points for the day. Other indexes were mixed.

Of course… Record Stocks = a Root Canal!

It’s too bad that Republicans have not figured it out yet that the media is not on their side. For some odd reason this and other good news gets stripped clean once it hits the first row of the White House gaggle and the desks of the MSM. Sad. It will be a wonderful day when Republicans break out of the paradigm that “the mainstream media should be trusted.”
But, I digress.

Anyway, here is the rest of that front page.
See if you can spot any more Bush-hating bias:

You can start with the lead article- “War Boosts Al Qaeda”
It is not clear which battle front they’re talking about from the headline, Iraq or Afghanistan…
You’ll have to read the article to learn why the media believes we should appease Islamic terrorists.

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