Iraqi & Jordanian Terror Doctors Arrested in UK (Photos)

The suspected ringleader of the failed bomb plot, Mohammed Asha, is a ‘brilliant neurologist’. Asha was born in Saudi Arabia and his wife wears the traditional Islamic dress- Daily Mail.
Today he is being held in London for plotting terrorism.

Brilliant Neurologist?- Yes!Brilliant terrorist?-Not so much.

A picture of Mohammed Asha provided by his family during an interview with Reuters in Amman is seen July 2, 2007. Asha and his wife were among those arrested by British anti-terrorism police hunting those behind attempted car bombings, a police source said on Monday. Asha qualified as a doctor in 2004 in Jordan and is also a registered medical practitioner in Britain. British media said Asha worked at a hospital in central England. (Muhammad Hamed/Reuters)

Iraqi-trained doctor Bilal Abdulla, who completed his medical training in Baghdad, was the man who tried to drive a blazing jeep into Glasgow airport. he was arrested at the scene of the crash. (Daily Mail)

British authorities arrested 7 suspected extremists following the bombing attempts this past weekend.
Reuters reported:

British police held seven people on Monday, after two overnight arrests in their pursuit of a suspected al Qaeda cell which rammed a fuel-packed jeep into a Scottish airport and left two car bombs in London.

Two of those detained were confirmed to be doctors, one of whom qualified in Iraq and the other in Jordan.

The Iraqi-trained doctor was named by police sources as Bilal Abdulla, who worked at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in the Scottish town of Paisley, and the Jordanian as Mohammed Asha. Asha’s wife has also been arrested.

Housing blocks at the hospital, near Glasgow where the airport was attacked on Saturday, were cordoned off by police and two controlled detonations were carried out there on Monday as authorities stayed on high alert.

Pajamas Media has a roundup on the British bombings.

Asha’s father says son innocent. (Sky News)
…Umm, don’t count on it.

Meanwhile… A top UK Islamist leader says the attacks were, of course, justified.

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UPDATE: An 8th person was arrested in Brisbane, Australia today in connection with the Britain attacks FOX News reported.

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