Iran Introduces "Escape of the Nuke Scientist" Video Game

The regime in Iran will start selling “the kidnapped nuke scientist video game” on Monday.
ADN Kronos reported:

Tehran, 13 July(Aki) – A group of Iranian students say they will unveil Monday a videogame in which players attempt to rescue an Iranian husband-and-wife nuclear expert team from a prison in Iraq where they are being held by the US military.

The game, developed by the Association of Islamic students, support Iran’s nuclear ambitions which have run foul of the US. Washington accuses Tehran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

The game shows US troops capturing the couple during a pilgrimage to the Iraqi city of Najaf, a holy site for Shiite Muslims – the faith which most Iranians belong to.

Do you suppose Iranian friendly tooth-rot Al Sadr will make an appearance?

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