Indonesians Protest Against Terrorism… Shoe Plant Terrorism

Well, it’s a start anyway…

Thousands of Indonesian workers stage a noisy protest outside the offices of U.S. sportwear giant Nike Inc. in Jakarta July 23, 2007. Nike Inc. is committed to expanding its business in Indonesia, despite a decision to scrap contracts with two of its suppliers, a company director said. (REUTERS/Dadang Tri)

The Nike workers are upset that the shoe manufacturer is planning on closing two plants in Indonesia that employ 14,000 workers.

Workers protest outside the offices of U.S. sportswear, Nike, in Jakarta July 16, 2007. Several thousand Indonesian workers staged a protest on Monday over a move by the U.S. sportswear firm to phase out orders at two factories near the capital. (REUTERS/Crack Palinggi)

Misguided Sweatshop Workers Protest Nike To Keep Jobs

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