Harry Reid Smiles As He Talks About Disintegrated Iraqi Town (Video)

Harry Reid makes up his own talking points.
In his press conference yesterday he claimed the Iraqis want the US to leave.
Earlier yesterday the democratically elected government of Iraq begged the US not to leave. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari warned the US Congressional leaders that withdrawing troops would lead to a catastrophe.

But, that was not the most disgusting line from the Democratic Leader’s press conference. Harry Reid smiles as he talks about the massive suicide bombing in the small town of Amirli, south of Kirkuk, that killed over 105 innocent Iraqis this past week.
(At 1:40 of the 2 minute clip)

Hat Tip Cornhusker
That smile may have been the only honest message he gave during that press conference!

Meanwhile… The New York Sun reported that Congress, without waiting for General Petraeus to send back the progress report it asked him to write when it sent him to Baghdad in January, will launch phase two of the campaign to declare defeat in the Battle of Iraq. Pelosi and Reid are setting a date for withdrawal.
This is also in direct conflict with what the Democratic leader said yesterday.
Hat Tip American Freedom

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