Haditha Marine: "I Didn't Know There Were Women & Children in House"

Well this is odd… This doesn’t sound like “cold blooded” murder…

Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum testified testified on Tuesday July 24, 2007 that he didn’t know there were women or young children in the house he and his fellow marines raided following following an insurgent attack in the town of Haditha.
The North County Times reported:

CAMP PENDLETON —- With his voice breaking as he spoke, a Marine accused of gunning down civilians in an assault on a Haditha home said Tuesday he didn’t know he was shooting at women and young children.

“I didn’t know there was women and children in that house until later,” Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum said in a hushed courtroom. “Otherwise, I would have physically stopped everybody in that room from shooting.”

Prairie Pundit has more on the latest testimony in the case.
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Image From Defend Our Marines
Seven Marines are charged with crimes related to an incident that occurred in the insurgent-controlled city of Haditha.


The evidence has begun to be tested in a courtroom. The charges are allegations. Our Marines are entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence.

But the media, politicians, elements within the Pentagon, and even some in the Marine Corps leadership have a stake in their convictions.
You can help defend these marines –HERE.

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