Democrats Define Defeat For America

So much for Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Democrats and the media have set new guidelines for America.
The national sacrifice limit will now be set at 4000, max.
Anytime the US records 4000 military losses in 5 1/2 years it will be recognized under the new rules as a horrible defeat.

The US will then promptly surrender to the nearest enemy.
(In Canada the national limit is now set at 10.)

It does not matter how these numbers compare to the last time democrats surrendered:

It also does not matter how the losses compare to other US wars:

The war’s monthly losses may be astronomically lower than past wars but this will not matter:


It will not matter that the battle losses are less than during the previous democratic administration when the country was not at war:

And, as the country continues to grow in population, this also will not matter.

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The new rules will now go into effect.

It won’t matter that the Iraqi quagmire may even reflect what some people are used to back here in the states:

(Via official Iraqi death totals for 2006)

Best of luck with your free society.

Jules Crittendon asks, “Where is the comprehensive look at the execution of George Bush’s counterinsurgency strategy, this thing that everyone keeps disparaging?”

Austin Bay offers 7 scenarios on the future of Iraq after a US defeat and retreat.
Captain’s Quarters has more on what an early withdrawal would mean.
Kathryn Jean Lopez asks for hawkishness- via Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: NewsBusters has a brilliant analysis of the media’s shameful antics.

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