Dem. Leader Carl Levin Blames US for Al Qaeda in Iraq (Video)

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) was honest about one thing today during his interview (FOX VIDEO) on FOX News with Brit Hume…

He confessed what democrats truly believe…
That “Al Qaeda is strong because of US policy” and that the “occupation” of an Arab land by the US (despite the fact that the democratically elected Iraqi government wants us to stay) is making Al Qaeda stronger in Iraq today than ever before.

Levin Blames the US for Al Qaeda in Iraq:

Let’s face it…
It’s always America’s fault when it comes right down to it with the democrats!


** Levin was not asked if he feels the same way about our “occupation” of Afghanistan.

It’s too bad that Levin is not a fan of Michael Yon, Bill Roggio and others, or he might know about those hundreds of Al Qaeda members killed or captured in Iraq in the last two months.

Or, maybe he does- but it doesn’t fit with his surrender agenda.

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