Chutch Faces Firing Squad at CU Today

UPDATE: (6:40 PM CST) Churchill Is Canned!

** Slapstick Politics is live-blogging the Ward Churchill firing powwow at CU today complete with photos.
Ward’s minions showed their support:

The regents are meeting to see if the America-hating fraudster should be released.
Slapstick says, “Ward’s followers “promise” to be peaceful. We remain skeptical.”

** The Drunkablog has several photos and threats.

The university has allegedly tightened rules on tenure since the embarrassment by ethnic studies teacher:

Churchill was granted tenure without the usual six years of review because administrators saw him as bringing ethnic diversity to the faculty, several professors have said. As it turned out, Churchill is not an American Indian, as he claimed.

New rules require strict review by administrators to be sure a tenure candidate has cleared all the hurdles – including vetting of his or her published works by outside experts.

Pirate Ballerina has much more on Dismissalpalooza.

ALSO… Don’t miss the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network.
The Pro-Ward rally will be held today at 3:30 PM! (That ought to be good!)

Kesher Talk has the non-surprising statement by the ACLU.

** Look for continuous updates at Slapstick Politics.
The University of Colorado is also tracking the hearing.
“An open mike will be available after the event for anyone desiring to express their personal opinions on topics related to the events of the day.”
Holy Eichmanns!… What I’d give to be a fly on the wall!
Pajamas is following the story.

UPDATE: No official word, yet. The press conference is scheduled for 4 PM.

University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill (R) walks out of a meeting of the University Board of Regents past supporter Lynn Segal holding a sign suggesting the the Regents should apologize to Churchill at the CU campus in Boulder, Colorado July 24, 2007. Churchill had requested a hearing in front of the Regents based on the University President Hank Brown’s recommendation to dismiss him. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

UPDATE 2: Drunkablog has several more pictures from campus.
This one was good- “I am Ward Churchill” -rude, angry, and offensive…
How can you argue with that?

“Flipping Bird” was there.

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