Case of the 3 Brutally Murdered Gaza Women Solved

Australian News ABC reported earlier today that the bodies of three tortured bodies were found in a street in the Gaza Strip:

The corpses were discovered in the Deir al-Balah refugee camp late on Saturday and taken to the nearby Al-Aqsa Hospital.

Medics there said the bodies had stab wounds, traces that wire had been placed around their necks and other signs of torture.

Neither the identities of the women nor the circumstances surrounding their deaths were immediately known.

The Bahrain Tribune later today reported that the three women were the victims of honor killings:

A Hamas security force said yesterday the brother and cousin of three sisters who were stabbed to death last weekend were suspects of what was likely to have been an “honour killing” and ordered the men jailed.

Witnesses said unidentified men dumped the bodies of the women in a pre-dug grave in a cemetery late on Saturday and informed Hamas’s Executive Force. Medics said the sisters had multiple stab wounds.

The deaths of the women, who were aged 16 to 22, were the first such killings in Gaza since Hamas seized the area in June after routing loyalists of President Mahmoud Abbas.

The deaths pose a challenge to the Islamist group, which many credit with bringing a sense of security to Gaza, whose 1.5 million population suffer severe economic hardships.

“There is a law and no one should take the law into his hands,” said Executive Force Spokesman Islam Shahwan. “The defendants will be jailed and brought to justice”.
Shahwan said a preliminary inquiry showed the brother and cousin to be suspects in the killing of the sisters and that their motive was likely a desire to protect family honour.

Palestinian human rights groups in Gaza called yesterday for tougher punishments for those who carry out such crimes.

They said the deaths of the sisters brought to 12 the number of women killed in similar ways in 2007, in addition to 30 others who died in internal factional bloodshed and violence between clans, or extended families.

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