Baathists Announce Plans For Iraq Once Democrats Complete Withdrawal

This didn’t get much play in the press for some reason.

The Baathists are looking forward to US helicopters fleeing the embassy in Baghdad just like they did in Vietnam.

The former Baathists of Saddam’s regime met briefly in Damascus, Syria yesterday before the Assad Regime called off the event. They were able though to discuss their plans for Iraq once democrats force US troops to withdraw from the region.
TIME magazine reported:

Once the majority of American troops have left, the alliance plans to throw out the constitution, dissolve the parliament, cancel all resolutions issued from the Bremer era on, and disband the existing security forces and U.S.-trained Iraqi army divisions.

The U.S. embassy in Baghdad, they said, would have to close — “as in Saigon. With helicopters on the roof” said Samarai — until Washington recognized a new, resistance-led Iraqi governing council, and offered compensation to all individuals and organizations affected by the war. Under the new leadership, all Iraqi citizens who worked for or cooperated with the current, coalition-backed government would be arrested. A “reconciliation council”, drawn in large part from the ranks of the armed insurgency, would then draw up plans for a permanent “technocratic” government � which would immediately seek criminal charges and file civil suits against the U.S. government and major American war supporters in international court.

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