Al Qaeda Terror School Closed in Perugia, Italy

The school specialized in poisons and explosives.

Italian police cars are seen in front of the house were three Moroccan men were arrested in Perugia, central Italy, Saturday, July 21, 2007. The group ran courses on hand-to-hand combat and used propaganda films and documents downloaded from the Internet to teach how to prepare poisons and explosives and how to pilot a Boeing 747, anti-terrorism police in Rome said in a statement. (AP photo/Leonetto Medici)

Italian police have arrested 3 Moroccans, including an imam, and 20 students at an Al Qaeda school in Perugia.
The BBC reported:

Italian police say they have closed down a training centre for militants linked to al-Qaeda at a mosque in the central city of Perugia.
Three Moroccans, including the mosque’s imam, have been arrested. Police are searching for a fourth Moroccan man.

Evidence of training in explosives and poisons, as well as instructions on flying a Boeing 747, were found, anti-terrorist officers said.

They say militants were being trained for suicide missions abroad.

Twenty foreign students were also arrested in a dawn raid connected to the arrests at the mosque.

Those without residence permits will be deported, police said.

Perugia is the home of Italy’s University for Foreigners, where hundreds of students from the Middle East are enrolled in university courses in Italian and other subjects.

The detained men were named as Korchi el Moustapha, 41, an imam at the mosque at Ponte Felcino, and associates, Mohamed el Jari, 47, and Driss Safika, 46, Perugia police told AFP news agency.

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