Actor Jon Voight Warns of Massive Bloodbath If US Flees Iraq

Actor Jon Voight talks about working with Jane Fonda in “Coming Home” and on what happened when the US pulled out of Vietnam.
Voight says that the US is possibly going to make the same mistake in Iraq:

Jon Voight continued in the interview on Hannity and Colmes:

“There was a bloodbath when we pulled out of Vietnam. Two and a half million people in Cambodia were slaughtered and it was not the highest moment in our history.

And, we are threatening to do it again and we best not do it. My point is that we are in danger- there’s a horror awaiting if we pull out. And, to say that we are losing the war and that we are going to pull out on a certain date is only aiding this enemy and giving it more will to struggle.”

45% of Iraq’s 27,500,000 people are below the age of 14.
That comes out to around- 12,375,000 IRAQI CHILDREN under the age of 14.

What will happen to these children if the US pulls out of Iraq?
Where are the human rights organizations on this impending genocide?
Why is this most important issue not being discussed?

Faces of the Iraqi Genocide Victims

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