14 %'er Harry Reid Tells 34 %'er Bush He is the Worst Ever (Video)

Pot Meet Kettle…
Bush Derangement Syndrome reaches upper decks of Democratic Party.

The 14% worst ever Congress tells George W. Bush that he is the worst ever president:

…Could this be projection?
And, of course, the Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer did not bat an eye to this illogical and deranged accusation from the failed democratic leader of the Senate.

It’s interesting how democrats and their liberal media assume that just because they don’t like Bush or like the fact that he freed 50 million people from brutal dictators, that this makes him impeachable or the worst ever. It just doesn’t matter what the facts are against their deranged accusations.
President George W. Bush:


* Led the country out of the 9-11 attacks
* Lifted the country out of the Clinton Recession
* Has grown the economy for 22 straight quarters
* Has kept unemployment at historic lows
* Has lifted the stock market to record levels
* Has lifted over 50 million people out of bondage from two of the most brutal regimes in history
* Kept the country free from continuous devastating terror attacks unlike the previous administration
* Fought a successful 5 year War on Terror losing less soldiers in battle than the previous administration did in peacetime!

But, democrats and the media never liked like George, so he must be the worst ever.

And… Once again it did not take America’s enemies (see Iran Press TV) long to pick up on the words of the Senate Leader.

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