Violence & Instability Rule in Gaza and the West Bank

After Mass Killings Hamas Offers Amnesty to Fatah in Gaza
197 Fatah members fled to Egypt– many by boat- to escape the wrath of Hamas.
Executions continue in Gaza and the West Bank.

The execution of Fatah member Samih Al-Madhoun was shown on television. (Maan)
Fatah members executed a Hamas member Anis As Sallous, in revenge for the assassination of the leading Fatah fighter, Samih Al Madhoun, by Hamas in Gaza.

Conflict Blotter– The most thorough looting I have ever seen:

By the time we got there all the furniture, including the toilets and bathtubs were long gone and swarms of Palestinians, young and old, were digging into the house’s infrastructure, ripping out electrical wiring from the walls, tearing out ceramic tiles from the bathroom, and ripping up the marble flooring. They were hammering out door frames, pulling wooden slats off the roof, carting out handfuls of spanish roofing tiles, and digging up the garden plants. Looters were uprooting 25 foot tall palm trees.

The Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Brigades promised tit-for-tat executions of Hamas leaders in West Bank if captured Fatah members continue to be executed in Gaza:

The leader of the Al-Aqsa Brigades in the northern West Bank, Zakariyya Zubeidi, said, “If Hamas executes any Fatah leader in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas leader will be executed in the West Bank immediately. Hamas is banned in the West Bank and its members have to turn their weapons in to the Al-Aqsa Brigades or the security services, if they want to keep their lives.”

Meet the new boss.

A Hamas fighter speaks on the phone as he sits inside the personal meeting hall of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after they captured his headquarters in Gaza June 15, 2007. Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led Palestinian government and declared a state of emergency as the Islamist group’s gunmen routed his last forces in Gaza and seized effective control. (REUTERS/Suhaib Salem)

After tunnelling, looting, torching, executing, dragging dead bodies through the streets, bombing, etc.
Hamas to grant amnesty to Fatah leaders

On its first day of full rule in Gaza, the Islamic militant Hamas announced Friday that it is granting amnesty to senior Fatah leaders, signaling that it is seeking conciliation with the defeated forces of moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Earlier Friday, Hamas announced it had arrested 10 of the most senior Fatah leaders in the strip, including the commanders of President Mahmoud Abbas’ own elite guard unit and the chief of the National Security force.

However, movement spokesman Abu Obdeideh later declared an amnesty for all Fatah leaders. Shortly after the announcement, three Fatah leaders were released.

Still, victorious Hamas supporters vented their rage at Fatah.

Hundreds of people swarmed through the unoccupied house of Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan after his neighborhood fell to Hamas, stripping everything, including windows, doors and flowerpots.

In other words- anything that was not nailed down

Meanwhile… Fatah now claims that Hamas is in bed with the Jews to destroy Fatah.

There’s a new radical Islamic sheriff in town…

Hamas fighters pose in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ personal office after they captured it in Gaza June 15, 2007. Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led Palestinian government and declared a state of emergency as the Islamist group’s gunmen routed his last forces in Gaza and seized effective control. (REUTERS/Suhaib Salem)

A Palestinian man loots an item from the burnt headquarters of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza June 15, 2007. Hamas Islamist fighters and looters ransacked the blood spattered Palestinian presidential compound in Gaza on Friday, rejoicing at the rout of their well-armed, secular rivals from the president’s Fatah faction. (REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)

Palestinian Clashes Continue- Brutalities Reported- 18 Dead
Fatah Surrenders to Hamas in Gaza
Hamas Takes Gaza- Executes Fatah Members In the Streets
Scenes From Hamasistan- Abbas Surrenders Gaza!

UPDATE: The circle is now complete… WaPo blames Bush.

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