Video- Honor Killing Victim Banaz Mahmod's Cries For Help

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was raped by her killers, strangled with a bootlace, stuffed into a suitcase, and buried in the garden.

Her father and uncle were charged yesterday with murder.
It was an honor killing.

After her murder the Kurdish community began to cover up the crime.

There were plenty of warnings before the murder of Banaz Mahmoud.
** Banaz Mahmod even talked about the attempts on her life –HERE.


Her father and uncle showed no emotion as the guilty verdicts were delivered.
The Daily Mail reported:

At the Old Bailey yesterday, Mahmod Mahmod, 52, and Ari Mahmod, 51, both from Mitcham, South London, were convicted of Banaz’s murder after a three-month trial and will be sentenced later.

The jury heard that she died on the orders of a sinister “court” because she had left an abusive arranged marriage and fallen in love with an “unsuitable” man, Rahmat Sulemani, bringing shame on the family.

It also emerged that in the two months before her death she had warned police four times that she believed her family wanted to murder her.

The police, however, dismissed her desperate warnings, with one female officer saying she thought she had made up the story to get her boyfriend’s attention.

On New Year’s Eve 2005, Banaz was found bleeding and terrified after her father tried to kill her. But PC Angela Cornes simply dismissed her as “dramatic and calculating”.

Instead of protecting the victim, the officer even considered charging the young woman with criminal damage because she had broken a window to escape.

PC Cornes admitted in court she might have made “a dreadful mistake” and Scotland Yard has launched an internal review into its handling of the case.

She is one of the five officers facing an internal disciplinary investigation over the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the case.

The court heard that three weeks after that contact, Banaz was deliberately left alone in the family home by her parents and the assassins were given the go-ahead.

Following the murder, before which she is believed to have been raped, her body was stuffed into a suitcase and driven to Birmingham by one of the killers, Mohamad Hama. Two other suspects are believed to have fled to Iraq.

The unnamed men are said to have boasted about raping Miss Mahmod in her home before they garroted her with a bootlace and stuffed her body in a suitcase.

One is a rebel fighter who is believed to have killed several people in his homeland of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Banaz was buried in the garden of a house rented by an associate of Ari Mahmod and the Kurdish community immediately began to cover up the crime, telling police that Banaz was not missing and the Mahmods were a liberal family.

The truth was revealed when Banaz’s body was found three months later and her sister, Bekhal, agreed to give evidence against her relatives.

Neither Mahmod nor Ari showed any emotion as the guilty verdicts were delivered. Mohamad Hama, 30, of South Norwood, had already admitted the killing.

There is a longer version of the video on YouTube- HERE.

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