Thousands of Bolivians Protest In Support Of Peruvian Invasion

Angry Bolivians took to the streets to demand that Peru annex their region.
The Bolivians are disgusted with the current government.

A man holds paintings of Cuban leader Fidel Castro (L) and Bolivia’s President Evo Morales during a rally at the San Francisco square in La Paz October 12, 2006. Castro may have undergone more than 10 operations for a serious intestinal illness last year, Morales said on Tuesday. (David Mercado/Reuters)

Thousands of disgruntled Bolivians demanded that there region be invaded by Peru in a protest in Apolo, Bolivia.
The Lima Bean reported:

Locals of an ecological reserve in Bolivia have held protests demanding that they be annexed by Peru. Waving Peruvian flags, as many as 4,000 people filled the local square and called on the mayor to extend an invitation to Peru to occupy the region.

The small town of Apolo, located just 6 hours’ walk from the Peruvian border, marks the entrance to the Madidi National Park, an Amazon wildlife refuge that includes around 1.8 million hectares (4.5 million acres) of pristine rainforest.

Officials opposing the protest claimed that the people were angered that the protected nature of the area prevents them from being legally allowed to log the forest or take advantage of oil reserves thought to exist in the region.

Speaking from La Paz 200km away, Bolivian President Evo Morales referred to the protesters as “drug traffickers and wood smugglers”.

Bolivia’s neighbor Peru, on the other hand, saw its economic risk number drop below 1% for the first time in the nation’s history which is a good sign for investors.

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