Thousands Mourn Assassinated Politician Walid Eido in Beirut

There was a mass turnout at the funeral today of Anti-Syrian politician Walid Eido.
** Protesters chanted slogans against Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad!

The Anti-Syrian Assassination List…
Rafik Hariri -February 14, 2005
Samir Kassir -June 2, 2005
George Hawi -June 21, 2005
May Chidiac (attempted assassination) -September 25, 2005
Gebran Ghassan Tueni -December 12, 2005
Pierre Amin Gemayel -November 21, 2006
Walid Eido -June 13, 2007

Walid Jumblatt Responds to the Walid Eido Assassination on CNN,
via Ya Libnan:

The BBC also has video from the blast scene HERE.

A woman cries as mourners pass with the coffin of assassinated legislator Walid Eido in Beirut, June 14, 2007. (Reuters)


President Bush placed the blame indirectly on Syria:

In a statement, the White House said there had been a “clear pattern of assassinations” of those opposed to Syrian interference in Lebanon’s affairs.

“Those working for a sovereign and democratic Lebanon have always been the ones targeted,” US President George W Bush said.

“The victims have always been those who sought an end to Syrian President [Bashar al-] Assad’s interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs.”

Relatives of anti-Syrian MP Walid Eido mourn at the American University Hospital in Beirut. Lebanon observed a day of mourning to bury Eido, whose death in a Beirut bomb blast was the latest in a string of killings the ruling coalition has blamed on Damascus.(AFP/Ousama Ayoub)

Across the Bay sees for more assassinations in the days to come.

Lebanon’s Parliament Majority leader Saad al-Hariri (C) walks with the crowd taking part in the funeral procession of killed legislator Walid Eido in Beirut June 14, 2007. (Reuters)

The brother of Walid Eido’s bodygaurd, Said Shouman who was killed by an explosion on Wednesday, mourns as he follows his brother coffin during a funeral procession, in Beirut, Lebanon Thursday, June 14, 2007. A bomb-rigged car, rocked Beirut’s seafront Wednesday, killing an anti-Syrian lawmaker Walid Eido and his 35-year-old son, two of his bodyguards and six others in a narrow street off the main waterfront in Manara.The blast, a new blow to the stability of this conflict-torn nation, comes days after the government began putting together an international tribunal ordered by the United Nations to try suspects in the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in Beirut two years ago a move strongly opposed by Syria and its allies in Lebanon. The slain lawmaker, Walid Eido, was a prominent supporter of the tribunal and a close friend of Hariri. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla) Email Photo Print Photo

Abu Kais reports that two Lebanese soccer stars were also killed in the blast.
Failasoof– “We will survive!”

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