The Horrible Death of Fatah Leader Samih al-Madhoun (Video)

It was payback time in Gaza this week.

Leading Fatah militant Samih al-Madhoun had previously pledged to kill all members of the Islamist movement Hamas.
But, it didn’t quite work out that way.

Al-Madhoun, who had topped the Hamas group’s wanted list of Abbas loyalists and had spearheaded Fatah’s fight against Hamas, was captured in Gaza this week by Hamas. He was dragged into the streets by Hamas. He was shot six times in the chest. Then the victorious Hamas gunmen dragged his body through the refugee camp on Thursday.

The whole ordeal was aired on Hamas TV live from Gaza.
Samih was not the only Fatah member to face such a horrible demise.

Hamas executed Fatah militant Samih al-Madhoun and then dragged his body through the streets.

Samih al-Madhoun, a senior militant from Fatah, takes part in a news conference during the funeral of his comrade Rami Sror in the northern Gaza Strip in this March 22, 2007 file photo. Hamas’s armed wing said its fighters “executed” on June 14, 2007 al-Madhoun who had topped their wanted list of figures from President Mahmoud Abbas’s Western-backed faction in the Gaza Strip. (REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)

It didn’t take long for the brutal death to get posted up on YouTube:
WARNING: Very Gruesome and Violent!

Fatah terrorist Samih al-Madhoun lynched in Gaza by Hamas terrorists. You may notice the “Zionist” screams as they beat his dead body.
Note: In case the video does not play it may be yanked by the administrators at YouTube.

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