The Failed Immigration Bill & The Politicians Who Failed to Listen

Bummer… It looks like TIME magazine already had their covers printed out before the open border bill was dropped by the senate.

…Not that it is surprising that TIME magazine would promote this Far Left open-borders agenda in its pages.

Protesters in Georgia want Senator Chambliss to start listening…

Mike Menkus was at the Atlanta rally on Thursday and sends this report:

I was at the Immigration Rally in Atlanta on June 7. Here is a web link for my photos from the rally. You can use any of the photos as you wish.

The rally was put on by 750AM WSB’s Chris Krok. It was across the street from Saxby’s Atlanta office at the Galleria in Cobb County on June 7.

The crowd grew over time. As cars drove by, the people would park and join the rally. I left at 8PM and the crowd filled a 150 foot x 200 foot area (I paced it) with medium density. I tried counting but stopped at 300 as I had poor vantage point and couldn’t count the far corners of the lot.

The Pro-Illegal protestors were brought to the site in the Spanish Radio Station vans in the photos. No others joined them. The guy with the bullhorn spoke good english and had his lines down (Thank you Senators for supporting families … We all are Americans … Thank you America for your kindness … We are making America great … Who will do the dirty jobs?) He seemed like a professional protestor.

I saw the protestors get out of those vans. The vans were later moved once the press showed up.

Like all liberal protestors, they tried to drown out the speakers on our side with sirens and the guy speaking with the bullhorn. He was especially rude when the woman in the Wheelchair spoke about her son who was killed by an illegal and when the wife of slain Cobb County Law Enforcement officer spoke. Both were killed by illegals.

Mike has several more photos from the rally HERE.


George Taylor, of Canton, Ga., protest an immigration bill and shows his displeasure with Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., and near Chambliss’ office in Smyrna, Ga, Thursday June 7, 2007. Chambliss who is gearing up for a re-election bid next year, has found himself in the unusual position of taking strong criticism from the right. He was booed at a state Republican convention last month, and conservatives have protested outside his offices in Georgia. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Rasmussen reports:

* Just 23% of Americans supported the legislation
* Only 16% believed the Senate bill would reduce illegal immigration and enforce the border
* 72% of Americans believe it’s Very Important to reduce illegal immigration and enforce the borders
* Just 29% said it was Very Important to legalize the status of those illegally living in the country today
* By a nearly 5-to-1 margin, voters believe that Members of Congress are more interested in their own careers and agenda rather than the public good

Michelle Malkin offers advice on what you can do in your community.

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