TCU Psychology Prof Arrested For Terror Threats

From Respected Psychologist to Dangerous Loon in One Mass Email…

Dr. Bond was a well respected psychologist.

Dr. Charles F. Bond may be a respected psychologist but sending threatening emails about shooting up the school is not one of his brighter moves.
The Dallas News reported:

A Texas Christian University psychology professor has been arrested on accusations of using e-mail to harass and torment employees at the school.

An arrest warrant accusing Dr. Charles F. Bond, 53, of harassment was issued Friday in Tarrant County. Dr. Bond was taken into custody Saturday by Fort Worth police and later charged with making a terroristic threat, according to the Tarrant County Web site. He remained in jail Thursday and was being held without bond.

“Dr. Charles Bond has exhibited extremely inappropriate conduct and made threatening remarks to some campus members,” the university said in a statement Wednesday. “Because safety is a top priority at this institution, the TCU Police Department took action.”

His attorneys Patrick McLain and Tim Clancy said in a written statement Thursday that their client is a “well-respected” psychologist and scholar and has an “outstanding reputation.” They said they had not been provided with any evidence that demonstrates their client committed a terroristic threat.

The arrest warrant affidavit said that Dr. Bond sent out harassing e-mails to a large number of university employees. In e-mails sent May 26 and 27, he called Provost Nowell Donovan a “sexist pig.”

Dr. Bond also made a statement that he would bring a gun to campus and spit in a colleague’s face, the affidavit said.

And, there you have it… From well respected psychologist to loony dangerous nutjob in one mass email.

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