Summer Break Is Circumcision Time For Norwegian-Somali Girls

“They haven’t come yet, school is not over yet, but I hope they come to me. If God wills it.”

Female Circumciser
Waiting for Norwegian Girls in Somalia
Islam in Europe

The practice is outlawed in Norway so the fathers send their girls to Somalia for the brutal procedure…
Even though sending your girl to another country for this procedure is also against the law.

Norwegian-Somali girls get to spend their summer break back in the homeland getting a circumcision. (nrk)

Via Islam in Europe and Religion of Peace:

For many years it has been speculated that Norwegian-Somali girls are circumcised when they go back to their homeland on the summer holiday.

NRK can now document for the first time that women who work in circumcision confirm that to a great extent they circumcise girls who live in Western Europe. And not least: they say that Norwegian-Somali parents are good customers – every summer – after school ends in Norway. Parents from Norway are among those who pay best. The price for circumcising a girl is 150 kroner.

Since January 1st, 1996, it is illegal to circumcise girls in Norway. It is also forbidden for people living in Norway to circumcise their daughters abroad. Breaking the law could lead up to 8 years in jail. But nobody has ever been indicted or convicted for this in Norway.

Somali nurse practitioners wait for the Norwegian girls to come to town on summer break. (nrk)

NRK interviewed 10 women who work as midwives at hospitals and health centers in Hargeisa, the largest city in northwest Somalia, called Somaliland. In their free time they earn money as circumcisers. They say that together they have circumcised about 185 girls with Norwegian-Somali background in 2005-2006.

“I had circumcised many from Norway. I don’t remember the exact number but I remember that I circumcised about 40 girls,” says Foosia Adantil.

The circumcisers say that they do the type of circumcision that the Norwegian-Somali parents ask for – also the extended circumcision called infibulation, which almost completely closes off the vagina.

They also do sunna-circumcision (ie, traditional), which means that the whole or part of the clitoris is cut off.

Some of the circumcisers say they refuse to do infibulation on Norwegian-Somali girls, even if the parents demand it.

These circumcisers do nothing illegal. Female circumcision is not forbidden in these part of Somalia. It is the Norwegian-Somali parents who break the law.

What did you do on summer break?


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