Sex, Lies & Videotape- Khatami Scandal Rocks Iran

Sex, Lies and Videotape…
Former Iranian President was caught on tape actually “touching” the opposite sex in public during his stop in Italy.
The hardliners are outraged!

The illicit act was caught on tape.
YouTube Video HERE (4 minute mark)
The video footage is causing quite a stir in Iran where hardliners are blasting him for his immoral actions.

So, what is an Iranian cleric to do?… Deny it, of course!
Today Iranian president Mohammad Khatami issued a statement where he claims the images were altered and/or he did not realize he was actually touching a real woman!
ADN Kronos reported:

The Baran foundation of former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami issued a statement on Tuesday denying the cleric had intentionally shaken hands with women – as shown in footage of a recent trip to Italy broadcast on ‘YouTube’ – a gesture prohibited under Iran’s strict interpretation of Islamic law banning all physical contact between men and women who are not related.

The statement indicated either the footage had been edited to give a false impression or else Khatami had shaken the hands of people in a crowd without realising they were female.

The footage shows the president, who has been severely criticised by the conservative press in Iran for his ‘immoral behaviour’, speaking to and then exchanging a handshake with women including Gianola and Cristina Nonnino, well known local producers of grappa, or husk brandy, in the northeastern Italian city of Udine during a visit last month.

“In the crowd, it is possible a hand was shaken but the former president is against any physical contact between the sexes,” said Sadegh Kharrazi, a former ambassador who accompanies Khatami in his international tours.

Myrtus has more background on the growing scandal.
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** Kamangir has the cartoon posted.

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