Second Arrest in Murder of Pregnant Mother Jessie Davis

Myisha Ferrell, a longtime friend of Bobby Cutts was arrested today for her role in the murder of Jessie Davis.

In this Sunday, June 24, 2007 photo provided by the Stark County (Ohio) Sheriff’s office, Myisha Ferrell is shown. Ferrell, 29, a former high-school classmate of the man suspected of murdering a pregnant woman was arrested Sunday on an obstruction of justice charge, the FBI said. Ferrell, was arrested in the death of 26-year-old Jessie Davis the day after sheriff’s deputies and FBI agents with a search warrant broke down the door of her apartment Saturday night, agent Scott Wilson said. (AP Photo/Stark County (Ohio) Sheriff’s office)

WOIO has more on the arrest of Myisha Ferrell, Video link HERE.

Myisha L. Ferrell, a friend of Bobby Cutts since high school, was arrested today for her role in the murder of Jessie Davis. (FOX)

Police in Canton, Ohio arrested Myisha L. Ferrell, a friend of Bobby Cutts today for her role in the murder of Jessie Davis.
The Canton Rep reported:


CANTON Stark County Sheriff’s deputies have charged a long-time friend of Bobby L. Cutts Jr. with obstruction of justice for her role in the death of Jessie Marie Davis.

The charge against Myisha L. Ferrell, 29, of 1245 Oxford Ave. NW, Canton, is a third-degree felony. She is scheduled for arraignment Monday in Canton Municipal Court.

Deputies declined to explain what role Ferrell might have played in the Davis case.

Deputies and the FBI said they still are pursuing leads developed through course of the investigation. They are working to identify any other people who might have been involved in Davis’ death.

According to and Associated Press report, investigators have been talking with Ferrell for several days.

Park rangers guide a vehicle as it exits the scene where a body was recovered, June 23, 2007, in Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Canton, Ohio. It was later confirmed to be that of Jessie Davis. (CBS)

Police searched Ferrel’s home earlier in the week according to WOIO:

Sheriff’s deputies on Saturday searched the apartment of a high school classmate of Cutts, looking for pillows, a bed sheet, a cell phone, cleaning supplies and other evidence in the case, The Repository in Canton reported Saturday, citing a search warrant signed by Stark County Common Pleas Judge John Haas.

An inventory of the search showed three cell phones, Lysol and Clorox cleaning solution bottles, three empty bottles of Febreze fabric freshener, garbage bags and a partial roll of duct tape were removed by deputies from the home, the newspaper reported.

Investigators were mum on many details of their work until they announced Cutts was taken into custody Saturday and was to be arraigned on charges of murder in the deaths of Davis and her unborn child.

Hyscience and Scared Monkeys have more on today’s arrest.

Body of Jessie Davis Found- Cop Boyfriend Charged (Video)

UPDATE: Here is one opinion from a reader LB that was sent by email:

I dont get it. I really dont. Am I sorry that a young pregnant woman and her baby have been murdered? YES! it NEWS? um… isnt. It simply IS NOT.

Things like this happen when you put yourself in this position. This is a young woman who made ALL the wrong choices. And now she and her children have paid the ultimate price. I DO NOT BLAME THE VICTIM. Not in the least, but, should we not also be sending a message about personal choice? IF this young woman had not insisted on getting pregnant (TWICE over several YEARS by the SAME MAN)then might she be alive today? Think we will see this angle covered? I doubt it. I think we send the WRONG message by covering this event without getting into this area. I know it is sensitive and touchy but still it IS relevant.

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