Osama Bin Laden Is Honored In Pakistan & BRAZIL

It’s a good day to be a mass murdering jihadist living in a cave.

In Brazil- Osama Bin Laden is sporting the team colors!

A Brazil’s Gremio’s fan holds up an image of Osama Bin Laden wearing the colors of Gremio prior to the Copa Libertadores final soccer game against Boca Juniors in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Wednesday, June 20, 2007. (AP Photo/Marcelo Hernandez)

In Pakistan- Osama Bin Laden is honored by Islamic scholars with the title of “Sword of Allah” -its top award.

Supporters of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League set fire to effigies of British author Salman Rushdie during a protest in Srinagar. Pakistani Islamic scholars honoured Osama bin Laden Thursday in response to Britain’s knighthood for Salman Rushdie, as a senior ruling party member said he would not hesitate to kill the novelist.(AFP/Irshad Khan)

In Pakistan Islamic Scholars gave Osama the Sword of Allah today. At least one Pakistani Parliamentarian said he would kill Salman Rushdie himself.
AFP reported:

The Pakistani Ulema Council, a private body that claims to be the biggest of its kind in the country with 2,000 scholars, said it had given Bin Laden the title “Saifullah”, or Sword of Allah, its top accolade.

“We are pleased to award the title of Saifullah to Osama bin Laden after the British government’s decision to bestow the title of ‘Sir’ on blasphemer Rushdie,” council chairman Maulana Tahir Ashrafi told AFP.

“This is the highest title for a Muslim warrior.”

Bin Laden has been blamed for the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington that killed nearly 3,000 people. He is widely believed to be hiding on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Later Afzal Sahi — the speaker of the Punjab province assembly and a member of the Pakistan Muslim League party that backs President Pervez Musharraf — said during a debate that he would murder Rushdie if he saw him.

“I am a Muslim and then a politician and it is ordained in Islam that the punishment for a blasphemer is death. If this man comes in front of me I will definitely kill him,” he said in response to a question by an opposition MP.

Osama was also honored by two other Pakistani politicians, the “Father of the Taliban” and his hardliner son who also agreed that Osama should be knighted by Britain.

And… in Great Britain the play “Osama the Hero” just won a prestigious award.

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