Nutty Antiwar Marine Casualty of DC Street Protest

Adam Kokesh wore his uniform when Operation First Casualty hit the streets of Washington DC in protest of the Iraq War.
Today this group of antiwar marines suffered its first casualty.
Adam Kokesh lost his battle with superiors.

HERE’s the video from the nutty protest in the streets of Washington DC.

Adam Kokesh stands guard over a mock prisoner at a mock attack in Washington DC. He complained that his right to free speech was being violated. But, the court saw it differently.

Antiwar marine Adam Kokesh loses this battle.
FOX News rrports:


An Iraq war veteran will be kicked out of the Marines days early with a general discharge after he wore his uniform during an anti-war demonstration, the military announced Wednesday.

The military said Lt. Gen. John W. Bergman, commanding general of Marine Forces Reserve in New Orleans, agreed Monday to give Marine Cpl. Adam Kokesh a general discharge, based on the recommendation of a panel that met last week at the Marine Corps Mobilization Command in Kansas City. A general discharge is one notch short of honorable.

Kokesh got in trouble after The Washington Post published a photograph of him in March roaming the nation’s capital with other veterans on a mock patrol.

A superior officer e-mailed Kokesh, saying he was being investigated because he might have violated a rule prohibiting troops from wearing uniforms at protests. The demonstration marking the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq was aimed at bringing the experience of the war home to Americans.

Kokesh, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, responded to the superior with an obscenity, prompting the Marines to take steps to remove him with an “other than honorable” discharge.

Two other Iraq veterans were contacted by the Marines about their protest activities and traveled to Kansas City for Kokesh’s hearing. One of the veterans, Cloy Richards, 23, of Salem, Mo., cooperated, and the Marines did not take any further action. A hearing date for the other Marine, Liam Madden, 22, of Boston, has not been set.

HERE is another short clip of the antiwar marines roaming the city streets.

Adam Kokesh is photographed on Thursday May 31, 2007 in Washington. The Marine Corps wants to dismiss Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran, from the reserves for taking part in an anti-war protest and other misconduct, a move the veteran claims is punishment for his political views. (MSNBC)

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